What is Hoton's Franchise Partnership Program?

With Hoton’s Franchise Partnership Program, a potential stakeholder will simply invest a certain amount of capital to any of Hoton’s retail stores nationwide. In the long run, they’ll get returns on investments based on the store’s income. The partnership program from Hoton is unique and is completely compatible for anyone who doesn’t have a ridiculously large sum of money but still wants to invest in a legitimate business venture!

Why is it the best time to choose Hoton's Franchise Partnership Program, you ask?
Here are some of the market facts to consider:

  • In 2019, Goldman Sachs saw Philippines as one of the fastest growing economies in Southeast Asia in 2020.
  • The Philippine News Agency projected Philippines as on of the attractive markets in Asia for household goods, with the market looking to earn PHP249.7 billion by 2020.
  • Hoton is a first in the kitchen marketplace for providing a one-stop shop in the Philippines and by partnering with us, you are growing as one of the pioneering leaders in the country.


With these prospects, Hoton is looking into opening 100 stores by 2022 and expanding in Southeast Asia by 2023 and soon, globally.

Hoton wants you to grow as well and you can through this unique franchise investment program!

What are the returns of this partnership?

If you were to invest on Hoton's Franchise Partnership Program, you are guaranteed to receive the following:

Guaranteed Income

Based on the retail's store revenue, you will get monthly returns within an agreed number of years.

Secured Partnership

Hoton will ensure that this is legitimate investment through a Notarized Partnership Agreement.

Vision for Growth

The chance to grow and be known in the industry, all while helping consumers enjoy high-quality, cost-effective, and affordable kitchen products and services.

Let's talk about it!

How to invest in Hoton's Franchise Partnership Program?

Anyone who’s physically, mentally, and financially ready to invest is welcome to Hoton’s Franchise Partnership Program! If you want to grow your own money without breaking a sweat, consider this partnership with us!

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